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[Drabble] Don’t know why..

Length : Drabble
Genre : *?*
Rating : G
Cast : Aaron Yan Ya Lun

Disclaimer : I don’t own Aaron Yan, he’s belongs to him self. I do own this story, so please don’t sue me.

(Aaron POV’s)

Yes, here I am..
In the dark room which full of darkness and coldness..
And I’m the only one human being in here..
This is what I need right now..

The voices of people who calling me is audible out there
I don’t care..
Cause I really want alone..
No one can tease me..

They thought that I wouldn’t came here..
They thought that I’m scared by all of this..
They we’re wrong..
This is what I want..

Whenever I’m scared..
But this desire beat my scared..
And made me stayed here..
In this dark room..

I can’t feel any cold anymore..
Cause my heart are very cold..
More cold than this dark room..
And maybe..
More cold than antartica..
The coldest continent in this world..

I do can’t feel any pain anymore..
Cause my heart are very hurt now..
More hurt than anyone in this world..

And I don’t know what’s wrong with me..
I don’t know what happen to me..
Cause I just can feel this pain, coldness, and sadness..
Without known what the reason is..

.weird, right ?
.I guess it ,
.sorry if you don’t understand with what I wrote .

.well ,
.leave comments or not ,
.I still say thanks for reading . 🙂

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