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[Drabble] Please Stay With Me

Title : Please Stay With Me
Length : Drabble
Genre : AU, Romance, Hurt, Angst
Rating : G
Casts : Donghae/Jessica; Donghae-centric
Language : English

Disclaimer © Artists are owned respectively to their company. Artist’s names are borrowed and used only in a fictional way. Ane event occured is pure coincidence.

Idea © Whyenda Arinka

Warning!! Wrong grammar. Since english isn’t my main language, please do correct me. tehehe. thank you X)


“So.. I guess, its the.. end..?” he said gave a question mark at the last word. Hesitate and a little scared written all over his handsome face. “The end of.. us?”

“No, Donghae. Its not the end,” she said while shook her head slowly, “There’s no end because we never started it,”

Hearing those words came from Jessica’s lips, Donghae felt his heart shattered into pieces. He can’t denied it though. She was right. They never started anything. Then, why should it be the end? And now, he felt really stupid for everything that he never done.

“And there’s no… us,” she added as she stand up from her comfortable sat.

Jessica was about to leave Donghae behind but he grabbed her wrist. Stopped her from doing so. Stopped her from leaving him.

“Sica, wait,” he pleaded with his eyes as he stand up and turn her around to face him.

Slowly, Donghae lean closer to Jessica and planted a deep kiss on her bare forehead. Made her froze in second.

“I love you, Jessica,” he said looking straight into her eyes. “And I will never stop my self from loving you,”

“Please, Sica. Stay for me,”


Too short, isn’t it? Oh well, forgive me please.

Thanks for reading, gurls ^^

  1. 24 Agustus 2011 pukul 3:26 am

    short but meaningful
    your English is good. ah ani, great! nice drabble from you 😀

  2. Liah icesica4ever
    24 Agustus 2011 pukul 1:26 pm

    Great !!
    You’r fanfic always great unnie,
    emm..can you write kyusica fanfic??pleasee,
    Sory my english isn’t good…^^

  3. icelfishy wife
    24 Agustus 2011 pukul 6:21 pm

    i love this drabble.
    it’s so romantic .
    you’re english is good.. i like it.

  4. Susangorjess
    4 Oktober 2011 pukul 2:36 pm

    A short fanfic, a short story, but there are a sweet love.. Hmmm, i can smell love in the air after read your fanfic.. Wakakaka..
    Later, make it long pls,,

  5. yulkim
    28 Maret 2013 pukul 11:15 pm

    i’m late to read this fanfic!!
    this is drabble in the drabble ..
    wkwkwk i coment in english because all readers here coment in english too kekeke 😀
    keep writing!!

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