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45 sec reading: I know

45 sec reading: I know [a true story(?)]


I know this would happened. And eventough I know it, I just let it happened. Didn’t bother to stop it. I’m stupid, aren’t I? But I need to fell, to hurt, to regret, just to learn from things. Just to be success. Like what I ever said, sometimes, fell down isn’t that bad. Isn’t that hurt, if only you can learn something. Everything in this world there’s always two side, at least it’s depends on you. How will you take it. Whether it’s the good one, or the bad. The positive side, or the negative one. You choose it, you’ll feel it. And you’ll understand later that this world, is all about choosing.


We hurt so we can be mature..

And we fail so we can learn..

Cause the best life lessons learned through pain..”







P.s : I got the inspiration for the title from Paulo Coelho’s blog lol XD credit goes to him ^^

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