I’m broken..
In front of my self..
And I remaining silent..
Didn’t bother to stop my self from broken..
From falling apart..
Just smiling, instead..
And in my tears, I wish I could turn back the time..
Yes, I need a time machine..

But, there’s no such a thing, right?
A time machine never exist..
Unless you living the Harry Potter life..
In another words, a fantasy life..
And fantasy is a fantasy..
Doesn’t exist..
So in the end, those time machine doesn’t exsist..
Never exist..

By that also means..
I can’t turn back the time..
Yes I can’t back to the past..
I can’t remake my past..
I can’t live my past anymore..
Past is past..
Just past..
And never can be back..

Though the past just past..
Still there’s present..
Still there’s future..
Still there’s hopes..
Hopes to be better..
Hopes to do better..
Don’t ever lose of hopes..
Cause there’s always ways for every wills and hopes..

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