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[Drabble] Jongin’s Presence

Title: Jongin’s Presence

Length: Drabble (807 words)

Genre: AU, brothership

Rating: PG-13

Casts: EXO-K Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun

A/N: written in english and there’s some curse words


Disclaimer © Artists are owned respectively to their company. Artist’s names are borrowed and used only in a fictional way. Ane event occured is pure coincidence.


Idea © Whyenda Arinka




Sehun doesn’t remember clearly how he becomes friend with this tall tanned skin boy named Kim Jongin. All he know is, whenever he’s down, Jongin will be there for him. Always there to calm him down. Tell him that he’ll be there to accompany him through all of his obstacles. Enveloped him in a warm hug and strokes his hair lovingly. Its not that he dislikes it, in fact he loves it because all this time, no one there for him in every difficulties he had. More like, no one ever did those all to him but Kim Jongin.


And like how he just came home to see his parent yelling at each other—or more like screaming on top of their lungs like they’re living in a forest with no one living creature. Sehun tried his best to go to his room without getting noticed by his parent but seems like luck wasn’t on his side.


“Where have you been?” his mom asked with uneasy tone.




“Bullshit! Your school end at 1p.m and you just get back at 5!?” now its his dad turn asked him—or more like yelling at him.


No answer. He rather to not tell his father what he has done after school end.


“You still can hear me right!? Why didn’t you answer me!?” yelled his dad again.


“Work,” Sehun answered shortly.


And the next thing Sehun know, his parent yelling again at each other complaining how the others being unable to do things they should do. Sehun wonder why none of them ask him cause he definetly will says that they both the worst parent he ever met. So, before he got dragged into their war, he choose to get his foot out of his house and didn’t bother to change his clothes first.




Sehun sit on top of an abandon building in country side. He doesn’t know why he’s here or even how he get here but he just goes wherever his foot bought him so maybe that’s why he’s ended up here alone and no one there. He lean his back in the wall as he closed his eyes, feeling the strong wind tickling his white milky skin as he inhale the scent of lonelyness.


Then suddenly, he remember Jongin. Jongin who always there for him. Jongin who always know wherever he is. Jongin who will always find him wherever he is even before he told him. Jongin who will always calm him down. Jongin who will always know whatever that happened to him. Jongin who will always know what he want. And he can’t help but to think that, will Jongin find him here because he doesn’t tell anyone where he is and it must be hard to find him since he’s in the country side. Alone.


But then he still enjoy his loneliness because this is what he want, to be alone. But somehow, he can’t help but to miss Jongin’s presence because even if he want to be alone, Jongin will still be there beside him. Sit beside him and didn’t talk to him. Its like Jongin tried to tell Sehun that he’s there whenever Sehun ready to tell him anything eventough in the end, Sehun never tell him anything.


“There you are,” said a familiar voice in Sehun’s ear.


Sehun opened his eyes to found Jongin standing tall in front of him with a cap and earphone hanging in one of his ear. A smile plastered on his handsome face. Not a fake smile he used to showed everyone around but a genuine smile that he never showed to anyone but him. He smiled back at Jongin as a reply as Jongin set himself beside Sehun and give him a plastic bag full of snacks and cokes.


“You haven’t eat anything right?” asked Jongin but sounds like stating a fact which got reply a nod from Sehun.


“How do you know I’m here?” Sehun asked as he looking through the plastic bag.


“You know its never hard to find wherever you are,” Jongin answered.


Sehun stay silent as he munching on his bread. Tho he always wonder how can Jongin found him easily nor always knows what he want, he never ask it. He did asked it once but Jongin answered that its easy to know what he wants so he never ask again because he know, Jongin will never answer him what he want. Or maybe he has a radar that always told him where or what I want, Sehun says in his mind. He know its kind of silly but he has no idea about the answer anyway. But above those all,  he’s glad to have Jongin by his side because even words barely out from those two, Jongin’s presence is enough for him. Or maybe, everything what Sehun want.




idk what come into me. i wrote it long time ago. august maybe? idk i forget alr.

anyway, beta-read by umnies unnie. thank you so much, unnie~ and happy birthday 🙂

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